Action: Iraqi electrical trade unions

LabourStart is currently running an action campaign on the seizure of the assets and closure of the offices of Iraqi electricity unions following a decree from the Electricity Ministry. The decree may also lead to action being taken against trade union leaders under the 2005 Terrorism Act.

The order has received international condemnation, including from the International Trade Union Confederation, and Brendan Barber, General Secretary of the TUC, has written to William Hague, the Foreign Secretary, seeking intervention against these ‘draconian actions’ and for unions to be allowed to operate freely, underpinned by fair, just and internationally-compliant labour standards. Iraq is a member of the International Labour Organization.

As Barber says:

Unions in Iraq have a vital role to play in rebuilding the country. They are one of the few forces that unite people regardless of tribal, ethnic or religious boundaries, in striving for a peaceful, prosperous and democratic Iraq.

The LabourStart petition can be found here. If you haven’t yet signed it, do so and support the right of Iraqi trade unionists to free and independent action.