I’m Calvin Allen – yes, I believe in real, proper names in a grown-up Web 2.0 world and not in hiding behind a keyboard – and I’m a researcher with a large UK trade union, where I help to deal with pay, pensions and regulatory and policy affairs in and around the communications industry. I’m also a dedicated homeworker.

However, this is not a professional – or, rather occupational – blog (I hope at least it is professionally written – Ed) but one that focuses entirely on the personal.

To some degree, I’m still working this out and, as the muse descends, the blog should take on a life all of its own but, in following a slightly serendipitous modus, you can expect to see some entirely random notes and thoughts about current affairs; football – especially Reading FC – some reviews of music I’m listening to or books that I’ve read; and some notes on the madder (and the not always madder) bits of my working world.

And the title of the blog? Well, not ennui with the state of the world, but a reflection of the universal desire to assert, to be in control, to overcome those odd scenarios that mysteriously repeat themselves. Of course, as usual, The Boss best provides the call to arms…


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