Back in residence…

Following last week’s return of the resident female to the Loch Garten osprey nest, today saw the return of the resident female to the site at Loch of the Lowes: after hopes were raised earlier in the day by an unidentified visitor, the ‘right’ bird turned up later in the day (still not confirmed by the Scottish Wildlife Trust, which runs the site, but confirmed by twitchers here and here – the Peter Finch referred to in the latter is a former Loch of the Lowes SWT site manager involved with organising the first round-the-clock watches over the site).

Every returning osprey is a success story – a migration of 3,000 miles twice per year between Scotland (and Scandinavia) and western Africa across the Sahara is a hazardous enough journey, especially for a species relying solely on its ability to catch fish, but the story of the Loch of the Lowes female is a fantastic one. This is now its 21st season, when ospreys tend to have just eight, and, should the season go well, we may see the 50th chick raised from the site: 48 have already been successfully fledged, including two last year when the female appeared to be on her way to checking out. Given that Scotland (largely) has just 150 breeding pairs of ospreys (though that figure may be a little old…), that’s some contribution to the re-establishment of the species in this country.

So, we just need the blokes to turn up and another rollercoaster season of soap opera and, no doubt, copious quantities of anthropomorphism (not on this blog, though!) can get underway…


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