Football will eat itself…

So, it’s perfectly OK for one well-known footballer to bring a gun into his workplace and fire it at someone, because the club concerned has ‘dealt with it internally’ while it’s perfectly OK for another footballer to forearm smash a fellow professional and escape further action because the ref – having said that he had seen the incident at the time – insists that a free-kick was sufficient punishment.

Looks like one law for the strong, to me. When football gets this much out of control because the authorities are quite simply afraid to upset the powerful – and for fear that the rich will take their cash somewhere else – the whole game suffers. The (sweet) FA needs to realise that money is making a mockery out of football, that discipline is becoming very much secondary to personalities and that it needs to take steps to control this charade if the game is not to give up its credibility entirely.

Meanwhile, the two clubs involved meet each other tomorrow night – and what a right little nest of vipers that will be. They absolutely deserve each other. Even if the mighty Royals weren’t playing tomorrow night, my attention would be absolutely elsewhere.

[Edit 1 March: I don’t agree with the whole piece, but Henry Winter makes some of the same points in today’s Torygraph]


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