Equality and the Budget

A brief word for the Fawcett Society’s day in court on Monday challenging the Budget on the grounds that the Treasury had not conducted the appropriate equality impact assessment – and that the Budget was, thereby, unlawful. The Fawcett Society is appealing for supporters to attend the Royal Courts of Justice, in the Strand, where the case is being held, to show their support for a judicial review of the Budget.

At a time when the ConDem’s true colours are being shown in the decision to hold s.73 of the 2010 Equalities Act in abeyance, thus allowing businesses the room voluntarily to decide whether or not publicly to disclose information on the gender pay gap in their own firms, the case is a timely reminder that not only is the Budget inimical to women’s interests, so is the coalition government. It seems increasingly the case that equal pay can only be delivered by greater transparency over pay decisions, but a government which is so evidently not committed to transparency is not only clearly in hock to business interests, but is also in no place to advance the equalities agenda.


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