For the ones who had a notion….

With the release today (in the UK) of The Promise, this blog has been doing a bit of catching up with its roots… Darkness was the first album by the Boss I bought, and it’s not just the album for hard core fans, the tour promoting it is also the one most heavily-reminisced about amongst the fan-base.

Three CDs and three DVDs in the pack needs a bit of a reflection before comment, but after spending my day off going through the DVDs, disc 6 (the ‘official’ bootleg of the Houston 78 gig seems (again – hmm) to be missing a couple of key elements (though us Springsteen fans can be a bit hard to please) but disc 5 – the as-live performance of Darkness at Asbury Park’s Paramount Theatre last year – is an absolute belter: Springsteen at his most emotionally intense and ferocious best. Still. Just the 32 years further on up the road from the original, then…