AK in Kinshasa

And Andy Kershaw’s rehabilitation continues: a piece on yesterday’s From Our Own Correspondent (from 22:26) on the Kinshasa stadium that staged the Ali-Foreman ‘Rumble in the Jungle’ in 1974, and it’s splashed over the BBC website today – there’s a full transcription here.

No music along with the piece, unfortunately (the Rumble in the Jungle was ‘accompanied’ by a three-night music festival, featuring Franco’s and Tabu Ley Rochereau’s bands and Miriam Makeba, amongst others including James Brown, BB King and the Fania All Stars. The film Soul Power documents the music, just as When We Were Kings documents the fight – though I can’t seem to find any trace on the film’s website of the contributions of either Franco or Tabu Ley: strange, that (though both are indeed in the film)). Given that Tabu Ley appeared at the opening of the Tata Raphael stadium, that would be a bit of a missed opportunity for the programme.

Nevertheless, Andy sounds not only on top form but in great shape, too. The broadcasting of world music does indeed need a new leader after Charlie Gillett’s death and in Andy’s own enforced leave – in this vein, perhaps it may not be long before we do go back to the future. Great to have you back, Andy.


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