Welcome back, Andy

The Beeb has gone public today with the news that Andy Kershaw, god-like genius of the airwaves, is to return to Radio 3 as the home of the previously announced Music Planet series of eight world music programmes by AK and Lucy Duran (see also a follow-up story in The Indy).

Some of the Music Planet stuff fills me with a certain amount of dread, as I like my world music to have shall we say a less diverse tonal quality than seems likely from some of the available clips and reported destinations for the series: musically, I’m a straight-forward 4-4-2 man based on guitars, bass and drums, supplemented by a solid brass section and an occasional strings unit, rather than in more esoteric structures filled by Tibetan nose flutes and Chinese alt-country dub fusion. Regardless, and I will of course be tuning in to all the programmes in the series, it’s great to have AK back at least dipping his toes in the radio broadcasting water.

Hack down those jungles, Andy – and then let’s hope those dulcet tones are allowed once more to range over the rest of the territory you’ve already cleared so well.


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