Made in Dagenham

Watching Sandie Shaw on the One Show last night (at about 12:33 this compilation version), she reported that she is singing the theme song for Made in Dagenham, the film due for release at the start of October about the sewing machinists’ strike at Ford’s Dagenham factory – a landmark dispute in the fight against sex discrimination at work.

Shaw is, apparently, an ex-Ford’s Dagenham worker herself, while the lyrics for the song have been written by the inestimable Bard of Barking.

Nice to see a (mostly) positive story about workers taking action on prime time TV, even if the initial reference to the ‘infamous’ strike was a little unfortunate – symptomatic, I guess, of the loss from the collective memory of the principle of the logic of collective action associated with the decline in such activity and its replacement with a belief in the primacy of the individual. By itself, this is a healthy reminder that rights at work and advances for workers must be fought for and that’s as true today as it was in 1968, and as it was in 1868.


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