Abuse of the language: Cameron

On top of the revelations about Gripper Stebson being a role model – apparently some sort of in-joke which went completely over the top of my head, anyway – now we have the following quote from the Prime Minister on his jaunt to America:

In my view that man should have died in jail. Full stop. End of.

Leaving aside the merits of the case – he’s probably right, though MacAskill no doubt would not have released al-Megrahi on compassionate grounds had he known he was going to live another eleven months plus – it’s the ‘End of.’ I’m most bothered about here. Aside of the garbage it represents in terms of syntax, it’s completely tautologous coming after the end of the previous ‘sentence’.

Look, ‘call me Dave’ or iDave or whoever it is you are this week, we know you’re a Tory toff. You can’t escape it and no amount of disguising it by speaking like a pleb gets you away from it any more than making popular references is going to give you the common touch. I’m not particularly bothered, since I don’t want you in the job anyway, but you’d do well to find that this electorate prefers a bit of gravitas in its Prime Ministers – something which your new mate in Washington DC has in buckets. Hope you learned at least that while you were out there swapping art and falling over yourself in the attempt to portray Britain as historically the junior partner in the relationship…


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