Now that’s QI…

Today’s BBC ‘quite interesting’ quote of the day is a thematically appropriate, given the coincidence with this year’s Glasto, reference to a piece of wisdom attributed to Captain Beefheart:

The largest flying land mammal is the absent mind.

Now that is quite interesting.

Talking of Glasto, just thought I’d echo the comments about The Edge on stage with Muse last night: now I quite like Muse – you can’t deny the virtuosity of Matt Bellamy (despite a somewhat disturbing resemblance to 80s synth king Howard Jones in his pomp, the drummer has a class drum kit and how can you not admire a bass player who smokes a pipe on stage – but I’m not sure I could eat a whole gig and I have to confess I was flagging until those opening notes of ‘Where The Streets Have No Name‘ – electrified the whole place, I thought, and clearly inspired Bellamy into attacking his guitar with even greater gusto on ‘Plug In Baby’, which followed.

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