Random note to players in the England football team…

… if you don’t want to be out there on the pitch, or if you’d rather be out on safari in SA or at the Lion Park, no problem – just have a quiet word with Mr. Capello and he’ll happily pick someone else who really does want to be on the pitch playing for his national side.

Oh, and Roo – we know that you were very disappointed at the result and the performance and, in the heat of the moment, things come out that you don’t mean to; and I’m not having a go, because (despite obviously not being in the greatest of form) you were far from the worst player out there last night – but fans have paid an awful lot of money to get out there to support the team and they expect a bit better. You might not actually get out of bed for that sort of money – but they have to do a lot more than that and, if they see people out there who simply aren’t trying and who look for all the world as if they just don’t give a **** (not you personally), they’re fully entitled to voice their discontent.

That is all.


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