We’re all waving flags now

No, not British Sea Power, or even (perhaps more appositely!) K’Naan, but call me Dave, who’s flying the flag for England over Downing Street, apparently in the rather touching belief that it will ‘help unite the nation behind the English team’.

Er… Which nation is that then, Dave? You’ve had to remove the union flag to fly the Cross of St. George in its place and, to a member of one of the other nations of the UK, you look to have made the simple, and common, mistake of assuming an identity between ‘England’ and ‘Britain’. Did devolution pass you by? Have you never heard of ABE? You’re supposed to be a Prime Minister for the whole country, not just a bit of it (even if it is the largest bit) – yet flying the Cross of St. George marks you out as a Prime Minister of England only. Well, actually, I know you made no ground in Scotland last month – and, on this bit of flag waving, you’re unlikely to make any progress before next time, either. Or, alternatively, are you engaging in a simple version of Norman Tebbit’s infamous cricket test? (Ohh: perhaps not – though I can’t find the Tebbit post-election quote that I was really looking for, about Cameron doing the decent thing and following Gordon Brown’s example of what a leader who had lost an election should do…)

Honestly, the notion of anyone from one of the other nations that make up the UK seriously coming together behind the England team during the next month is as likely as, well, me becoming a Tory. Ain’t gonna happen.

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