The joy of… connected things

Thomas had always secretly prided himself on his solitary epiphanies of sheer joy, moments when everything seemed to be connected. From the delicate veins of a forget-me-not to the constellations above, he had felt he could intuit a pattern, a soul – a fleeting sense, almost, of infinity.

Rosie Alison (2009) The Very Thought Of You reprinted in paperback April 2010, p. 125.

I’ve never much believed in the ‘connectedness of all things’ – that there is a common pattern, or a destiny, in which everything has a role and through which everything else takes its shape. But I do believe that Ms. Alison has a quotable point here: that those moments when sometimes disconnected things appear to be indeed connected are indeed moments of great enlightenment, or epiphany; when previously apparently random patterns of events join together into a coherent whole, or when deep and sometimes philosophical mysteries appear to grow tantalisingly more tangible in the context of the examination of what seemed to be a different issue entirely; when greater truths fall within the dim grasp of our search, because we have spotted that they are indeed connected.

Life – the real one, as well as the Web 2.0 one – is full of connections and about looking for connections; it’s not to be lived in a silo.

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